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Habidee is a wellness coach that helps you achieve your goals by developing lasting, positive habits. Whether you want to become happier, healthier, more productive, or learn a new skill, Habidee can help.

What Makes Habidee Unique?

Unlike habit trackers that simply present graphs of your streaks, Habidee coaches you through a science-backed process to start, grow, and reinforce new habits.

Effective, personalized plans

Follow a step-by-step process that makes it simpler and less intimidating to start a new habit.

Programs for common goals

Get inspired by our library of easy-to-follow programs that break down common goals into manageable steps.

Support from people you trust

Develop habits together with friends. Send and receive supportive messages to stay motivated and accountable.

Expert advice when you get stuck

Receive specific recommendations to overcome issues you encounter.

It’s crazy how effective Habidee is. The best part is doing habit challenges with my friends and boyfriend. I feel like I belong to an awesome, supportive community.


Data Scientist

Habidee taught me to turn a habit failure into success. Habidee is simple, responsive, and draws on the power of your relationships. There’s nothing like it out there.


Author & Business Owner

I never thought of myself as a habit person until Habidee. Now here I am, eating my veggies, doing daily yoga/cardio, and working on music & writing projects, like a boss!



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